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Psychic Joy Light is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. She gives Psychic Phone Readings worldwide

Explore your love life, romance, relationship compatibility, job, career, current life issues. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and certified in advanced psychic mediumship from AIIS. My psychic readings touch you soul to soul, picking up your vibrations and those around you to provide indepth information and advice. I do not use divination tools such as tarot, crystals, runes, during my psychic readings. My natural gift as a psychic medium allows me to touch into your vibrations and give you insight with clarity along with names, dates, events for validation of your reading. To order your psychic phone reading please see the right panel of this web page for information. Once I receive your order I will contact you by email to arrange your appointment date and time for you to call me. I look forward to helping with your questions.

Psychic Mediumship, Through my psychic abilities as a medium I have learned to trust my connection with the other side, giving names, dates, events and information that can be validated. As a Spirit Medium I receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over, giving me the special ability to channel communication between the earthly world and the wonderful world of Spirit.I channel such information in a positive light for others. Knowing the peace, joy and comfort they receive from these readings deepens my dedication to all who seek answers.

Spirit Communication Readings - As an authentic psychic medium I affirm that our loved ones who have crossed over stay connected with us from spirit. Their energies, levels of consciousness, states of awareness, never really dissolve into thin air, but stay unified and interconnected. Our loved ones on the other side really are aware of what is happening in our lives. They communicate and convey their presence in their own mysterious way. All we have to do is pay attention, listen, and open our hearts to receive. When I connect with "energies" on the other side, and convey their messages, I marvel at the wonderful world of spirit.

To grieve the loss of a loved one is a normal process. Your faith and given belief system is one of your most important resources. Trust in it. However, for many, the loss of a loved one leaves unanswered questions, unfinished business, or unresolved issues. Some need to know their loved ones are in a safe and peaceful place. Some never got to say good-bye. I have learned to trust my connection with the Wonderful World of Spirit and convey names, dates, events and messages with profound accuracy. I know that if there is a message to be given, and an opportune environment available, then a connection can be made and validated. I am only a channel via mystical or mysterious means that at times even I can not explain. If you feel you need me or that you have been guided to me, I am here for you.

My work as a medium is my life work, my spiritual path and way of helping all who seek answers. When you are ready and open to receive, contact me to arrange your private in person psychic reading. I am located in the Indianapolis, Indiana area but clients come for readings from Ft. Wayne, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Columbus, Bloomington, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Chicago.

If you live outside of my area I offer the option of a private psychic phone reading or online chatroom reading. I receive requests from clients in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East.

Please see the right hand panel of this page for more information on how to order. To read more information on what to expect during your psychic reading click here. I look forward to hearing from you and exploring our psychic connection. Love and Light, Joy

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Psychic reading online in a private chat room environment.

(20 minutes, $30)
(40 minutes, $60)

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Psychic phone reading, (you call me), phone readings last between 30 to 45 minutes. I read until the energies pull back.

(30 minutes, $50)
(45 minutes, $75)

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In Person Psychic Reading in the Indianapolis area just 20 minutes from downtown.

Price $75

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Arrange A Private Indepth 30 Minute Chatroom Reading with Joy.
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