Wall hangings woven on jacquard loom in 100 % cotton with cotton mainline backing. Made in USA. Large selection for gift giving, home decor, special events, Christmas display. Gifts for family, friends, work associates, birthdays, holidays, special events, Christmas. Original artistic designs, wall hangings, cotton throws, pillows, totebags, cute sayings and messages, plaques, signs.

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Bunny Rabbit Wall Hanging

Bunny Rabbit Wall Hangings

Secret Garden Wall Hanging

Secret Garden Wall Hangings

Elk In Winter Wall Hanging

Elk In Winter Wall Hangings

Bedtime Prayer Wall Hangings

Vintage Grapes Wall Hanging

Vintage Wall Hangings

Santa and Reindeer Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging

Reindeer Wall Hangings


Santa Claus Wall Hanging

Santa Claus Wall Hangings

Fish Aquarium Wall Hanging

Fish Aquarium Wall Hangings

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