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Birthday Horoscopes, Updated Monthly
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Happy Birthday Horoscope

Hey, is it your birthday this month. Treat yourself to this free indepth birthday horoscope of your month ahead.

Planetary Alignments

Follow the phases of the moon and planets and find out what the future holds for the current month.

Astrolights Report.

Are you drawn to the metaphysical? Do you wish you had more knowledge in this subject matter. Are you confused about the concepts between religion, spirituality, metaphysics? Joy has trained in all of these areas and received her certification in psychic mediumship from the Astrological Institute. She trained with Sandy Anastasi whose students also include famous psychic medium John Edward, host of the TV shows Crossing Over and Cross Country. If you are interested in furthering your understand of the wonderful world of spirit, consider training in some of the following areas.

Catalog of Classes Offered by the Astrological Institute include Astrology, Numerology, Psychic Development, Spirit Communication, Tarot and more.

Astrology Classes: Learn the basic meanings of the planets, signs and houses, chart construction and advanced techniques for chart interpretation.

Tarot Classes: Learn the meanings of the cards, their histroy and many uses. Study the basic Celtic cross layout to do simple but accurate readings.

Psychic Development: These courses developed by Sandy Anastasi provide specific direction and study under the guidance of professional psychics.

Free Numerology Reading

Learn the hidden meaning behind the numbers in your name and year ahead.

Psychic Medium Joy Light provides phone readings worldwide.

Authentic Psychic Medium,
Joy Light

Truely a wonderful reading.
She is better than John Edward. She has the gift.
Call her, words cannot explain...

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Described as one of the most authentic psychic mediums of our time, Joy receives and conveys messages with profound accuracy giving names, dates, and events you can validate. Get live advice and talk with Joy about your current life issues or connect with loved ones crossed over. Explore love, marriage, relationship compatibility, job, career, major life events. Find answers to your most pressing questions. Contact Psychic Joy now for your personal indepth psychic reading. Authentic, accurate, psychic medium. Learn more about Joy.....

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