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If we’ve ever felt a month where there were disappearing lines of discrimination, this is it. Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus all move into Pisces on the 2nd, 5th, 18th and the 26th respectively. To add to the “slushiness” of the feel, Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd. With Neptune already in Pisces and Mars fast coming up on it, we will have to dig deep into the unconscious for the use of our rudder and awareness of the direction we need to take. Thankfully, Saturn turns retrograde also on the 18th in Scorpio, another water sign, giving us a four and a half month respite from the onslaught of emotion and give us time and breathing room to assess our status and catch our bearings. With Uranus direct in Aries, the key here is to learn to trust what we feel and to learn to separate emotion from intuition. For many of us who are so steeped in how things are supposed to be, it’ll be a challenge to hear our own inner self apart from our conditioned conscience. The focal point that will confirm our proper direction will be our feelings of compassion. This must be our rudder to guide us past the fog of our emotions.

It’s no accident that Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, has finally gone direct in Gemini enabling us to expand our view of both sides of every situation we encounter. Being it’s in Gemini, it will also give us the courage to speak of what we perceive. You might say that this is a taste of what we need to navigate the more subtle currents of life on our own, without being assisted while offering assistance to others. This is a major lesson in trusting ourselves and the dormant abilities we’ve all been sheltering for fear of being used by others. Now is the time to allow others to use us with full knowledge and awareness of what is happening and the faith in knowing that we don’t have to protect ourselves. All is known and all is offered…knowingly. This is one of the hall marks of learning to be comfortable in offering compassion.

Once we get over the “hump” of our fear of unknowingly being used and do it consciously, there will come a tremendous relief of emotional pressure that will liberate the energy we used in holding it all back. There will be a lightness of being that we haven’t felt before. For many of us, it will be unfamiliar, so don’t pull back. Allow it the space and time to wash over you. It’s like learning to ride a horse. You don’t control it; you simply and knowingly guide it. It has a power all its own and you can stop at any time.

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